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We aim to create and implement the best possible systematic investment products for individual investors and institutions that take advantage of global market opportunities. The strategies are designed to offer the best possible long-term rate of return whilst staying protected in times of market stress – an All Weather approach.

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To implement your professional investment solution we collaborate with some of the most reputable companies (et al.)

The Problem: Disappointing Returns

The hard truth is that the average investor gets terrible returns. Stock investors only gained 20% of the overall market growth over a 30 year time frame. This means missing out on having a 5 times bigger portfolio for your retirement. Bond investors did even worse: whilst bonds returned 6% per year investors only made 0.3%. That’s so low it didn’t even beat inflation.

The Reason: Lack Of Diversification Leads To Panic

Most portfolios are not diversified properly and are heavily exposed to the swings of the stock market. When stocks do well their portfolio increases and when the inevitable crisis in the markets occurs their investments suffer extreme losses, which often causes them to panic sell at the worst possible time – or quitting the investment game forever.

The Solution: All Weather Portfolios

An All Weather Portfolio is designed to do well in different market environments, not just during times of stock market booms. It takes advantage of trends in globally diversified markets to thrive in up, down, and surprise markets. The goal is to create an investment journey that allows people to stay committed through all market cycles without panic so they can reap the rewards of long-term investing.

Benefits Of All Weather Investing

Independent of economic environment

Most portfolios are fully exposed to the swings in the economy: their investments rise when the economy is booming and get decimated in times of economic stress. All Weather investing decouples you from these crazy swings so that you are well prepared for times of market stress and may even benefit from them.

Can make money even in a falling market

The strategies include investments that benefit from large price moves – up or down. These investments tend to have their best performance during stock market crises when all assets tend to go down in value at the same time. Having this in your portfolio allows you to benefit from tough times and stay fully confident when everybody else is panicking.

Timeless and universal approach

The strategies are based on principles that the most successful investors in history have used to create incredible results over more than 40 years. Imagine how much the world has changed in 40 years – and these strategies did well across the entire timeframe. It’s time to implement this timeless approach instead of running after the latest hype. Click here if you want to learn more about our research.

Performance during Chaos

The AQS All Weather Strategy has produced higher returns at lower volatility and smaller drawdowns than traditional portfolios – during one of the most difficult market environments in history.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns

Our Unique Approach: Investing with Maximum Alignment

Maximum Alignment

We only offer products that we are extremely confident about. That’s why Moritz Reinhart, founder of AQS, is one of the biggest investors in all of our products.

Fee Transparency

Many products have layers upon layers of hidden fees – not with us. Our fees are absolutely clear, easy to understand and have nothing hidden.

Performance based compensation

For our flagship product AQS gets paid on performance only. No fixed fees, no upfront payment or getting paid for not producing a return: We only make money when you make money.

With a performance based compensation model there’s only one incentive: to protect and grow our investor’s money.

Moritz Reinhart, Founder and CIO


Powerful Ecosystem

AQS Investments AG was founded in 2022 and has its place of incorporation in Zürich. AQS Investments AG and its principal, Moritz Reinhart, are registered with regservices.ch as a client advisor registry in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most stable financial environments with one of the strongest regulators and stable banks.

Moritz Reinhart is a successful investor and finished third place in the US Investing championships in 2022. Prior Participants in this prestigious competition include legendary traders such as Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon, and Edward O. Thorpe, who went on to become some of the most successful money managers in history, making billions in returns for their clients.

To implement the best possible investment opportunities we collaborate with some of the most reputable companies in Switzerland: MRB Fund Partners, VP Bank, ISP, Gentwo and CATAM support us in structuring and managing products as well as managed accounts. Swisscomply and Schellenberg Wittmer advise in legal and compliance matters and Grant Thornton has audited the track record.

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