About AQS Investments

AQS Investments AG was founded in 2022 and has its place of incorporation in Zürich. AQS Investments AG and its principal, Moritz Reinhart, are registered with regservices.ch as a client advisor registry in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most stable financial environments with one of the strongest regulators and stable banks.

Moritz Reinhart is a successful investor and finished third place in the US Investing championships in 2022. Prior Participants in this prestigious competition include legendary traders such as Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon, and Edward O. Thorpe, who went on to become some of the most successful money managers in history, making billions in returns for their clients.

To implement the best possible investment opportunities we collaborate with some of the most reputable companies in Switzerland: MRB Fund Partners, VP Bank, ISP, Gentwo and CATAM support us in structuring and managing products as well as managed accounts. Swisscomply and Schellenberg Wittmer advise in legal and compliance matters and Grant Thornton has audited the track record.